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Although Busan features convenient public transportation, keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to visit different attractions, including transfer. If you want to experience Busan’s diversity while reducing your travel time, use the Busan City Tour Bus. It will quickly and comfortably take you from one place to another in Busan.

Busan City Tour operates two types of tour buses. One is Busan Tourism Innovation (BUTI) Bus for Red Line, Green Line, Blue Line running from Busan Station to Gijang Market via Gwangalli and Haeundae. The other is the Jumbo Bus for a loop tour of Taejongdae Park, departing from Busan Station, traveling through Taejongdae Park and Oryukdo Islets via Yeongdodaegyo Bridge, and returning to Busan Station. Busan Station is the starting point for both tours.
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The Red Line tour goes from Busan Station to Haeundae. Departing from Busan Station, you will first cross Busanhangdaegyo Bridge. As it is a very high bridge, the thrilling view when looking down at the sea from the bus’s second floor will make you feel like going on a ride. Then, the bus passes through the world’s only UN Memorial Cemetery and the Busan Museum. It will soon reach Yonghoman Sightseeing Boat Terminal, where you can transfer to Green Line. It then travels through colorful Samick Beach Apartment, Gwangalli, and Dongbaekseom Island, and arrives at Haeundae Beach, where you can transfer to Blue Line. The bus continues traveling through Busan Cinema Center, Busan Museum of Art, and Gwangandaegyo Bridge, ultimately getting to the final stop and starting point, the Busan Station. This line boasts the longest course.
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Green Line is for a course stretching from Oryukdo Islets to Igidae Cliff. The views of Igidae Cliff, seen from the bus, give a completely different feeling from walking. The changing panorama seen from Oryukdo Skywalk ensures a breathtaking coastal view.
Blue Line provide the highlights of the city tour, departing from Haeundae Beach. Their courses, which focus on places where there is no metro station, pass through Busan’s most popular attractions. Bear in mind that you do not have an opportunity to ride a double-decker bus because the Blue Line course consists of lots of hill roads.
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Blue Line, departing from Haeundae Beach, travels through Dalmajigil Road, Cheongsapo Port, and Songjeong Beach to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple and Busan National Science Museum. As its name suggests (Blue), it clearly displays the quintessence of the coastal bus drive. allows you to enjoy Ananti Cove, where the ocean becomes your front yard and Gijang Market that shows the folksy atmosphere of Gijang’s coastal waters. You will never get tired of the charm of Gijang’s coast, where the East Sea and the South Sea meet.
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The Jumbo Bus tour is centered around Taejongdae Park. After the bus departs from Busan Station, it crosses Yeongdodaegyo Bridge to enter Yeongdo. It travels through the major attractions in Yeongdo, heading toward Oryukdo Islets and United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Korea via Busanhangdaegyo Bridge. After the bridge, it continues to pass through Namhangdaegyo Bridge, Songdo Beach, and Nampo-dong, finally ending at Busan Station. The biggest benefit of the Jumbo Bus course is traveling through Yeongdodaegyo, Busanhangdaegyo, and Namhangdaegyo Bridges in one trip, so you can truly enjoy the diversity of Busanhang Port.

Other pleasures presented by Busan City Tour are being guided by the drivers who use the interesting Busan dialect and picking out destinations you want to visit. It’s like a gift set that helps you find the full experience of the Busan tour.

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UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea, the land remembered by people all around the world
1UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea, the land remembered by people all around the world
Flowers are offered to this place in June, the Memorial Month. The floral tribute is intended to remember the fallen soldiers and war veterans during the Korean War and express a desire for a peaceful world without war.

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Gwangalli offers a spectacular view at night.
2Gwangalli offers a spectacular view at night.
Gwangalli Beach is a famous beach and one of Busan’s representative hot spots together with Gwangandaegyo Bridge. It is the closest beach to the city center and also a trendy meeting place for Busan’s youth. Along with its white sandy beach, Gwangalli is filled with diverse attractions such as restaurants serving delicious foods, coffee shops with an open view of the sea, exotic stores hidden in alleyways, and the Namcheon-dong Cherry Blossom Street, which shines with pink cherry blossoms in spring.

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History of Busan and the history of Korea
3History of Busan and the history of Korea
The museum named after Busan. The Busan Museum represents Busan and embodies the history of the Republic of Korea. Since its opening in November 1978, the Busan Museum has served not only as a place for Busan citizens to rest but also as a large-scale exhibition hall that covers the entire history of Busan from the Paleolithic Age to the modern times through the Goryeo Dynasty and the Joseon Dynasty.

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Walk along the sea and mountain of Busan
4Walk along the sea and mountain of Busan
Walk along the Haeundae Beach deep in thought while looking out at the open sea to reach the cozy Dongbaekseom Island located at the end. Formerly an island, the coastal trail is now connected to the land through years of sedimentation. The people of Busan, however, still refer to the place as Dongbaekseom Island.

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Oryukdo Islets: Stories of the sea
5Oryukdo Islets: Stories of the sea

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Haeundae Beach: The Busan representative
6Haeundae Beach: The Busan representative
When people mention Busan, the first thing that comes to mind is the sea! Among Busan’s various beaches, Haeundae Beach is the best-known destination. Not only in summer but all year round, Haeundae Beach attracts a multitude of tourists seeking the dynamic atmosphere of Busan.

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Igidae Coastal Trail the best hiking trail in Busan
7Igidae Coastal Trail the best hiking trail in Busan
“Igidae” refers to the beautiful bedrocks consisting of delicate rocks in the eastern sea that the Jangsanbong Peak of Yongho-dong, Nam-gu, faces. The name “Igidae” stands for the two gisaeng (female professional entertainers in Korean) from the Suyeong district who sacrificed their lives. During the Japanese invasion in Korea, when Japan conquered Suyeongseong Fortress and held a feast to celebrate their victory, two gisaeng, who are taken to the feast, grabbed a drunken Japanese commander and jumped into the sea. The Igidae area was once closed for military operation reasons, but since 1993, it has been open to the public. At present, it contains dense forests that are difficult to meet in urban areas and is kept clean to serve as habitats for wildlife. Because of its clear water, the place is perfect for fishing.

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Busan Cinema Center, the landmark of cinematic city Busan
8Busan Cinema Center, the landmark of cinematic city Busan
The Busan International Film Festival, a globally recognized event beyond Asia, is why Busan is called the city of cinema. Another landmark of Busan, along with the LED lighting on the big roof, is the Busan Cinema Center. During the film festival, important events are conducted, including the opening and closing ceremonies. Throughout the year, the space functions as a complex culture space where people can enjoy movies and performances. The tickets are affordable, while the imagery and sound are simply the best.

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Dalmajigil Road and Moontan Road for the sunrise and moonrise
9Dalmajigil Road and Moontan Road for the sunrise and moonrise
The starting point of Haeundae Sampogil Road and the road that connects Galmaetgil Trail 1 to Galmaetgil Trail 2. A popular driving course of Busan with beautiful a moonrise. A road with a view of the blue ocean during the day and the moonlight at night. If Paris has Montmartre Hill, Busan has the Dalmajigil Road.

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An art museum next to the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO), the Busan Museum of Art
10An art museum next to the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO), the Busan Museum of Art
This multicomplex cultural space with small and large exhibition halls, lobby exhibition halls, Children’s Museum Exhibition Hall, the Space Lee Ufan, and a cafeteria, showcases various modern artworks and holds diverse cultural events and experience programs.

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Songjeong Beach: Preserving nature
11Songjeong Beach: Preserving nature
Pass by Haeundae by walking down along the Dalmajigil Road to see the wide and long stretch of the sandy Songjeong Beach, the beach loved by surfers.

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Huinnyeoul Culture Village at the end of the steep cliff
12Huinnyeoul Culture Village at the end of the steep cliff
Above the steep wall of the Jeoryeong Coastal Trail is a unique view of the village, where you can see small houses clustered along the narrow alley formed by the coast at the end of the cliff. This is where the sorrowful lives of refugees began and where the current cultural village community of Huinnyeoul Culture Village has been established.

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Taejongdae Park’s 100 years of history with Yeongdo Lighthouse
13Taejongdae Park’s 100 years of history with Yeongdo Lighthouse
This place allows you to walk along the green forest path and view the blue ocean simultaneously. The multicolored rocky coast boasts its beauty formed by years of crashing waves. We’re talking about Taejongdae Park at the southern end of Yeongdo, Busan. Taejongdae was named after King Taejong Muyeol of Silla, who used to stop by the region and practice archery as he was mesmerized by the beauty of the landscape. Taejongdae Park, where unique rocks are formed and visitors are greeted by the dense forest surrounded by the deep blue ocean, is a leading travel destination in Korea.

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Cheongsapo Port and Mipo Port: Small sea villages in the center of city?
14Cheongsapo Port and Mipo Port: Small sea villages in the center of city?
Explore around a rural sea village even when traveling to the center of a city in Busan. Head to Cheongsapo Port and Mipo Port and enjoy the magnificent view of nature. Cheongsa, which means “blue sand” in Korean, is a name that evokes a fresh and pleasant image. Begin your trip from Jangsan Station on Busan Metro, and go over the hill to pass through the cross, entering the small sea village named Cheongsapo. As soon as you reach the hill overlooking the village, you’ll be mesmerized by the beautiful view of Cheongsapo.

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Haedong Yonggungsa Temple in Gijang
15Haedong Yonggungsa Temple in Gijang
Have you ever heard the waves from the sea of Gijang? What if the vast, endless ocean and the magnificent coastal view were spread out before your very eyes? Let’s visit Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, where the wind, waves, and breathtaking views await.

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If you know science, you can see the future. - Busan National Science Museum!
16If you know science, you can see the future. - Busan National Science Museum!
A total of 1.14 million of Busan citizens signed to establish the Busan National Science Museum. Considering the 3.5 million population of Busan, you can imagine how much the citizens wanted to have a local science museum. With such a huge interest and support, the Busan National Science Museum was established with the design of a ship as if it wishes to sail away with future scientists.

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Eternal journey with books
17Eternal journey with books
Recently, the term “hocance” has been gaining popularity, making the stay at hotels and resorts the ultimate purpose of a trip. The Eternal Journey book café in Hilton Busan was built for this purpose—to provide rest to visitors through books.

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Gijang Market with everything on the stands
18Gijang Market with everything on the stands
The bright and generous smiles on the Gijang aunties’ faces are shining through colorful parasols. Gijang Market has everything—from fresh seafood to nutritious farm produce.

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Yeongdodaegyo Bridge, a space of promises and tears
19Yeongdodaegyo Bridge, a space of promises and tears
While moments spent at Yeongdo Bridge no longer remain, there are still people who tear up just by thinking about the old days. This space was where people separated from their families during the war swore to survive and meet at Yeongdo Bridge. Written as Yeongdodaegyo Bridge and read as Yeongdo Bridge.

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Korea National Maritime Museum, the Flower of Maritime Culture
20Korea National Maritime Museum, the Flower of Maritime Culture
Busan equals ocean, and ocean equals Busan. But how much do we actually know about the oceans of Korea? The Korea National Maritime Museum, where stories of all oceans around the world begin, connects the past, present, and future of the ocean.

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The reborn of Songdo Beach after 100 years
21The reborn of Songdo Beach after 100 years
The elderly’s beach destination back in the day is transformed into a hot spot for the youth! Let’s check out Songdo Beach, the trending hot spot on social media. Opened in 1913, Songdo Beach is the first beach in Korea. After its golden period in the 1960s and 1970s, the beach became deserted. Those who wished to bring it back to its former beauty joined forces to repair the abandoned beach, making it even more breathtaking than it was in its heyday. With its spotless sandy beach, clear water, cloud trails, and an overwater cable car, Songdo Beach is once again a popular tourist destination receiving over five million visitors per year.

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Staying in Nampo-dong, the mecca of Busan trip
22Staying in Nampo-dong, the mecca of Busan trip
Every day of the week, Nampo-dong is a place crowded with people where you can experience the energy of Busan early in the morning. A major urban district, the neighborhood has a park, a department store, a traditional market, and major tourist attractions, making it a hot place for locals, tourists, and foreigners alike. Locals collectively refer to Gwangbok-dong, Nampo-dong, and Bupyeong-dong as “Nampo-dong.” As the area is large, you may have to spend an entire day or even longer to enjoy every part of Nampo-dong. Plan ahead to minimize the travel time. Let us learn about how to best enjoy Nampo-dong.

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