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Sentimental, purple-colored travel sites for fall

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Cool winds are felt in the morning and evening these days. It means that the fall season has arrived. Today, we’ve chosen travel sites that go well with the sentiments of the season. From a countless number of attractions filled with the fall vibe, we specifically focus on the color of purple. Now, let’s take a trip to the sentimental, purple-colored travel sites of Busan!
Busan > Gangseo-gu

Forest Drive and Phytoncide Shower

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Untact tourism in nature is more popular than ever amid the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. The good news is, there’s a perfect place to enjoy a drive with your lover, your family, or even by yourself: the forest road that connects Sanseong Village, which is located beyond the East Gate from the entrance to the Geumjeongsanseong Fortress at Sanseong-ro, and the Hwamyeong Arboretum via the Geumjeongsanseong Multipurpose Plaza. A drive along this forest trail is like taking a shower in the refreshing phytoncide of the forest, which washes away all the fatigue and weariness you may have from your daily life. Let’s take a look at how to enjoy a healing forest drive in this picturesque scenery of verdant pine trees, framed by the open skies of fall.
Busan > Geumjeong-gu

Let’s go see the western sky of Busan

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There is something that gives us comfort everyday with an appearance that seems both the same and different at the same time. This something is the “sky”! Whenever our hearts are stifled, a simple look towards the open, shining sky provides us with more heartwarming consolation than any words. But the sky is never the same. The beauty and the color of the sky changes depending on the harmonization of the landscape. The scenery of the western sky of Busan that features Songdo, Yeongdo and Busanhang Port displays an exotic but fantastic view including the gorgeous indigo-colored sea and the glamorous downtown. On an autumn day with “a high sky and plump horses”, let’s pay a visit to the observatories where we can fully appreciate the western sky of Busan.
Busan > Seo-gu

Characteristic Beaches in Busan! Take a Trip to Pebble Beaches

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Busan is a city of beaches. Beaches are everywhere and certainly not a special feature of this city. But, there are beaches that are not widely known. These are the pebble beaches. When it comes to Busan, the first thing that comes to your mind would be beaches like Haeundae and Gwanganni. You may not realize that Busan also has a number of beaches with black pebbles instead of white sand. Keep your eye out for these beaches that are as beautiful as the famous black pebble beaches in Yeosu and on Geojedo Island. You will be able to find a unique charm of the beaches in Busan.
Busan > Nam-gu

Moon Rabbit Photo Zone at Yongdusan Park

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** This content was filmed in compliance with COVID-19 quarantine guidelines. “Moon, moon, a moon as round as a platter. Where have you gone? To Yongdusan Park, of course!” The year 2020 has been rather difficult for everyone, and we hope that we’ll be able to return to a sense of normalcy as the new year approaches. During these weary days, Yongdusan Park’s Moon Rabbit nighttime photo zone offers a small solace.
Busan > Jung-gu

Choryang Myeongnan Road

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** This content was filmed in compliance with COVID-19 quarantine guidelines. Also called the “rice thief” by some, salted pollack roe (myeongnanjeot) has a loyal following because of its savory and salty flavor that pairs perfectly with rice. However, did you know that Busan’s Dong-gu is the origin of this dish? In the 1900s, Choryang was the site of Busan’s first industrial warehouse, where all pollack caught in Korean waters were processed. People began to experiment with the nutritious roe of pollack, resulting in the famous salted pollack roe. Trace the origins of salted pollack roe in Choryang Myeongnan Road! Choryang Myeongnan Road Namseon Warehouse Site Choryang Ibagu-gil Mural Alley 168 Stairs Ibagu Chungjeonso Myeongnan Self-Cooking Class
Busan > Dong-gu

All Aboard the Romantic Haeundae Beach Train on Busan Green Railway Trail

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** This content was filmed in compliance with COVID-19 quarantine guidelines. Imagine a trail by a railway track where the blue seas and open skies greet you. Romantic, isn’t it? Treat yourself to a retro view of the Busan Green Railway walking trail, and catch the beach train whipping past with a merry whistle. This is the best place for a therapeutic walk in Busan. Busan Green Railway’s Entire Section Haeundae Olympic Junction Busan National Mechanical Technical High School Former Haeundae Station Mipo Port Dalmaji Park Cheongsapo Port Gudeokpo Port Former Songjeong Station East Busan Tourism Complex Today’s Trail Route: Mipo Port – Haeundae Beach Train Mipo Station – Dalmaji Tunnel – Cheongsapo Port – Cheongsapo Daritdol Observatory – Gudeokpo Port – Songjeong
Busan > Haeundae-gu

Relaxing Family-Friendly Trips to East Busan! Haeundae and Gijang

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** This content was filmed in compliance with COVID-19 quarantine guidelines. This course can be a great way to acquaint yourself with the charms of Korea’s largest coastal city. It’s also the ideal itinerary for those visiting Busan for the first time with their family, as it showcases everything that Busan has to offer, from seas to forests, culture, and great food. Day 1: Haeundae and Songjeong Haeundae Beach / Busan Aquarium / Dongbaek Coastal Trail Busan Museum of Art / Goeun Museum of Photography Haeundae Beach Train Songjeong Beach / Jukdo Park
Busan > Haeundae-gu

A tour in the rainbow-colored villages in Busan

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Take your life’s best shot in the rainbow-colored, beautiful Busan. Visit the colorful and picturesque landscape!
Busan > Saha-gu

Today’s Walk_Baesan Forest Trail

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New mountaineers, let’s go and enjoy hiking together! Baesan Mountain (256 m), small and low in altitude, consists of different trails called dullegil (trail). Tie your shoelaces, and start hiking up the terrific trails for beginners. Why not refresh yourself as you walk on the hiking trail surrounded by the lush forest?
Busan > Yeonje-gu

Romantic Tour of Dong-gu’s Original Downtown

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The “Moonlight Shower Night Walking Festival” along Ibagu-gil Road in Busan is one of 100 Night Tour Sites of Korea selected by the Korea Tourism Organization. Are you ready to discover the charm of the original downtown in Dong-gu? Let’s stroll along Ibagu-gil Road at the 2020 Moonlight Shower Season 2: The Intimate, Romantic Night Tour!
Busan > Dong-gu

Relaxing Getaways with Outdoor Adventures: From Oryukdo Islets to Geumjeongsan Mountain!

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This time, we will introduce Busan’s outdoor travel destinations, from the sea to the mountain. For those planning to visit Busan, this two-day, one-night Busan tour is a great option! It will take you to places of relaxation for your tired bodies and minds and give you a chance to take the best photo of your life.
Busan > Nam-gu

Tourist Attractions in Busan to Enjoy the Beautiful Autumn Sky

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Did you know that Busan gets even more beautiful in late autumn with waves of reeds and silver grass? Autumn leaves will fall off once foliage reaches its peak. Nevertheless, you don’t have to feel sad about it. If you look around, you will realize that you are surrounded by different autumn colors of reeds and silver grass. As autumn gets underway, why don’t you start traveling to enjoy the late autumn atmosphere before it’s too late?
Busan > Saha-gu

Outdoor Reading Spots

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When autumn comes in Busan, your heart flutter with a wonderful view of fall foliage and a refreshing breeze. Why don’t you plan a bookstay in Busan? All you need to do is visit a park with a book, and your surroundings will turn into a perfect reading spot. Without dropping by a cool bookstore or reserve a romantic hotel room, you also can enjoy reading books all day. Feel free to create your own reading spot!
Busan > Busanjin-gu

Fishing Villages: Best Relaxing Getaways in Busan

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Busan is famous for its diverse natural resources. Although it is a big city full of high-rise buildings, Busan is also close to the sea, rivers, mountains, and its amazing natural scenery will make your trip more interesting. If you are ready to explore different, you should check out Gadeokdo Island. Even Busan locals are not fully familiar with this island, but it has unique scenery that will change your perception of Busan as a big city. In particular, fishing villages in every corner of Gadeokdo Island are the best spots to relax after a tiring day.
Busan > Gangseo-gu

Today’s Walk - Busan Green Railway

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On a beautiful autumn day with a clear sky, a pleasant breeze, and sunlight, you definitely won’t be able to focus on your tasks. Why don’t you put your work down and take a breathe? It’s even better if you could find the perfect place where you can clear your mind, stretch your body, and refresh yourself. Let us introduce you to that place: the Busan Green Railway trail in the green urban area! Busan Green Railway’s Entire Section Haeundae Olympic Junction – Busan National Mechanical Technical High School – Former Haeundae Station – Mipo Port – Dalmaji Park – Cheongsapo Port – Gudeokpo Port – Former Songjeong Station – East Busan Tourism Complex Today’s Walking Route: Haeundae Olympic Junction – Busan National Mechanical Technical High School – Former Haeundae Station Section
Busan > Haeundae-gu
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