Songjeong Beach: Preserving nature

Calm yet strong ocean

Songjeong Beach: Preserving nature
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Pass by Haeundae by walking down along the Dalmajigil Road to see the wide and long stretch of the sandy Songjeong Beach, the beach loved by surfers.
  • Songjeong Beach: Preserving nature1
Songjeong Beach, known as one of the three major beaches of eastern Busan alongside Haeundae and Gwangalli, is a popular family vacation destination thanks to its shallow waters and gentle slope.
  • Songjeong Beach: Preserving nature1
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Recently, the beach has been receiving great attention as the mecca of surfing for all four seasons. Thanks to the location, where the east sea meets the south sea, the beach is affected by the northern and southern winds, causing the ideal high tide all year round. The shallow water level also makes it a perfect spot for beginner surfers. Many surfing shops, where you can learn surfing step by step from the beginner to advanced level, in the surrounding area are successfully operated.
  • Songjeong Beach: Preserving nature1
  • Songjeong Beach: Preserving nature2
Visit the beach in the late afternoon to enjoy the thrills of large waves. It is an attractive experience to enjoy surfing on the golden ocean where the sun sets. Recently, other maritime sports also became available including paddle boating. Get ready to dive into the charms of the sea of Songjeong while enjoying maritime sports.
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Another location to visit while at Songjeong Beach is Jukdo Park, located at the end of the beach. The name “Jukdo” comes from the numerous bamboo trees inside the park. The lovely, quiet walking trail along the coast of Jukdo Park will satisfy all travelers. A carefree stroll along the path will take you to Songiljeong Pavilion—the closest place to the ocean where you can see the sunrise and sunset. Many tourists visit the spot from all over the country. While watching the blazing sun disappear into the waves and the sky turning red, you will find yourself overwhelmed with emotions. This is also a great space for taking pictures.
  • Songjeong Beach: Preserving nature1
  • Songjeong Beach: Preserving nature2
Even though summer at Songjeong Beach is known to be a lively season, the charm of the beach is not confined to this time of the year. The blue ocean and vast sandy beach remain quiet and still unlike other famous beaches. If you want to experience the charms of the red waves that reflect the sunset’s color, visit Songjeong Beach.

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The nearby Haedong Yonggungsa Temple and Fisheries Science Museum are also great places.
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    62, Songjeonghaebyeon-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan
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    Open all year round
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    Get off at Haeundae Station on Busan Metro Line 2 → Transfer to Bus 139, 182, 200, 38, 39, 40, 63, 1001, 1003, or 1011 at Haeundae Stop → Get off at the entrance of Songjeong Beach and walk for 12 min
    Walk for 17 min from Songjeong Station on Donghae Line
    Get off bus 100, 100-1, 139, 141, 181, 182, 185, 200, 38, 39, 40, or 63 at Songjeong 1(il)-danji Jugong
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    Disabled restrooms; disabled parking; wheelchair accessible; braille block (in front of the restrooms)
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