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Busan yacht tour, offering an exciting experience in your life

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The sea of Busan has endless charms! There are numerous ways to enjoy the sea of Busan as well as its diverse beaches. Busan, the birthplace of Korea’s marine sports, has a large-scale yacht berthage and holds an international yacht race. You may have thought that yachting isn’t for you. However, yachting has become a unique, public experience activity in Busan, which provides a variety of yacht tour programs.
Busan > Haeundae-gu

Seokdang Museum of Dong-A University embraces the historic values of Korea

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Registered Cultural Heritage No. 41, Provisional Government Building in Busan, and one of three top university museums in Korea Dong-A University Seokdang Museum is a building that has three names. Dong-A University purchased a building that had been used as the Provisional Government Building and the Busan District Public Prosecutors’ Office before transforming it into today’s Seokdang Museum. In 2002, it was designated as Registered Cultural Heritage No. 41 in recognition of the historical value of modern cultural heritage.
Busan > Seo-gu

National Memorial Museum of Forced Mobilization under Japanese Occupation embraces the painful history

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After the breakout of the Sino-Japanese War, the Empire of Japan, which had enacted the National Mobilization Law, forcibly mobilized the Koreans, exploiting their labor and infringing upon their human rights. The Koreans who were taken to Japan and Manchuria under the names of coal mine workers, soldiers, and women's labor corps had to suffer from famine and labor. It is an indelible, painful history. Let’s remember and spread knowledge about the heartbreaking history with the National Memorial Museum of Forced Mobilization under Japanese Occupation.
Busan > Nam-gu

F1963, From Wire Factory to Culture Factory

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Parking area for persons with disabilities; wheelchair access available The name F1963 combines the first letter from the word “factory” and the year “1963” when the first factory of Kiswire was built. The company’s wire factory, operated until 2008, was transferred, and the empty site transformed into a complex culture space.
Busan > Suyeong-gu

Feel alive with mountain biking!

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Mountain biking entails riding bicycles on off-road trails, such as rough hills and mountains. It makes you feel “alive,” an experience unachievable from other activities. Pedaling up a mountain can be harder than any other sport, but you will feel extremely thrilled as you fly down the mountain biking trail, enjoying the cool breeze.
Busan > Buk-gu

Walk on Beomnidangil Street along the Geumjeongsan Mountain Range while appreciating nature

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When you’re moving in a fast-paced environment, you sometimes lose track of the day and become exhausted. At times when studying and working become stressful, a break from a hectic lifestyle is necessary. Give yourself time to relax and regain your peace of mind. Visit Beomnidangil Street, where you can stroll along the refreshing Geumjeongsan Mountain Range while basking in the beauty of nature!
Busan > Geumjeong-gu

The West Busan Tour embraces nature, culture, and history.

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Amid the suffocating buildings, you sometimes want to rest in a quiet place and inhale the fresh air. In West Busan, the perfect place to escape from the city, you can immerse yourself and relax while enjoying nature.
Busan > Saha-gu

Find hidden places in Busan for webcomics.

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You will hardly let go of your smartphone once you start reading webcomics. They may make you miss the stop in the subway or on your way home, or keep you awake at night. Reportedly, you can meet famous webtoon characters in real life in Busan. Now, let us find the hidden places in Busan and fall for the charm of webtoons.
Busan > Haeundae-gu

Galmaetgil Trails encompass the sea, river, and lake

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As you begin from Namhangdaegyo Bridge in Yeongdo, travel to Galmaetgil Trails 4, 5, and 6 passing through Dadaepo Beach, which leads to Baegyangsan Mountain via the riverside of the Nakdonggang River, ultimately reaching Seongjigok Reservoir. In short, these trails range from the sea to the reservoir through the river. Course 4 Section 4-1, 13.0 km / 4 hr: Namhangdaegyo Bridge – Gamcheonhang Port Section 4-2, 12.5 km / 5 hr: Gamcheonhang Port – Morundae Peninsula Section 4-3, 10.8 km / 4 hr: Morundae Peninsula – Nakdonggang Estuary Embankment Course 5 Section 5-1, 22.0 km / 6 hr: Nakdonggang Estuary Embankment – Cheongagyo Bridge Section 5-2, 20.1 km / 7 hr: Cheongagyo Bridge - Eoeumpo Port – Cheongagyo Bridge Course 6 Section 6-1, 13.2 km / 4 hr: Nakdonggang Estuary Embankment – Gupo Station Section 6-2, 23.0 km / 7 hr: Gupo Station – Seongjigok Reservoir Section 6-3, 11.3 km / 4 hr: Gupo Station – East Gate of Geumjeongsanseong Fortress
Busan > Seo-gu

Busan Humanities Tour

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A journey to discover Busan’s traces of humanities. Ancient Tombs in Bokcheon-dong / Bokcheon Museum / Dongnaeeupseong Imjinwaeran Museum The first destination is Dongnae, which has various historical sites and relics. The ancient tombs in Bokcheon-dong, which include the tombs of the Gaya Confederacy period’s ruling class, are considered as one of the most important cultural heritages for understanding Korea’s ancient culture. The Bokcheon Museum, on the other hand, displays many relics discovered from ancient tombs, showing Gaya’s excellent ironware culture and changes in ancient tomb styles. The Dongnae area has been a significant excavation site, where several relics have been discovered. During the metro construction in 2005, a moat of the Dongnaeeupseong Walled Town was found in the site, telling the tragic story of the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592. The relics and remains of soldiers who died during the war were also unearthed hundreds of years later. The Dongnaeeupseong Imjinwaeran Museum, which shows the reproduction of the excavation, is located inside the Busan Metro Suan Station Office.
Busan > Dongnae-gu

Busan Cruise Ferry: Enjoy on board!

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A clear, blue sky combined with the vast ocean of Busan. How amazing will it be on the deck, where you can enjoy the cool breeze and the waves? Make unforgettable memories on the cruise ferry in Busan.
Busan > Haeundae-gu

An art museum next to the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO), the Busan Museum of Art

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This multicomplex cultural space with small and large exhibition halls, lobby exhibition halls, Children’s Museum Exhibition Hall, the Space Lee Ufan, and a cafeteria, showcases various modern artworks and holds diverse cultural events and experience programs.
Busan > Haeundae-gu

Ami-dong Tombstone Culture Village, a hope built on the cemetery

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Busan used to be surrounded by mountains with rare plains. During the Japanese occupation, the livable flatland and reclaimed land around the original downtown were developed as Japanese territory. Meanwhile, dockworkers and outsiders from other areas who came here to seek jobs-built shacks along the mountain slopes to settle down. After the Korean War outbreak, refugees flocked to Busan and began to settle down at higher up the mountains. Mangyang-ro is a long mountainside road from Seo-gu to Busanjin-gu through Jung-gu and Dong-gu of Busan. It contains narrow and maze-like alleyways, endless steep stairs, and a dense cluster of buildings. A winding upward path leads to another winding downward path. Like its shape, the mountainside road encompasses Busan’s modern and contemporary history in conjunction with the joys and sorrows of the common people.
Busan > Seo-gu

The pleasure of visiting the Busan seen in movies

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If you are in Busan, the mecca of filming, you can follow the footsteps of movie characters and feel like you are in the scenes with them. Let’s find those locations in Busan.
Busan > Gijang-gun

Buddha’s aspiration perched on natural rocks—Seokbulsa Temple!

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Among the beautiful sights in Busan, the ridge from Geumjeongsan Mountain to Baegyangsan Mountain is the most spectacular. Seokbulsa Temple, located on the ridge, is a quiet temple surrounded by 100 m high rock walls.
Busan > Buk-gu

Hello Busan, Hello Car Camping

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Are you looking for a safe travel destination where you can have fun while practicing social distancing during the time of COVID-19? How about visit a campground in Busan to create precious memories? We are here to introduce campsites that will heal you with nature in the city!
Busan > Seo-gu

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