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Walk along the sea and mountain of Busan

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Walk along the Haeundae Beach deep in thought while looking out at the open sea to reach the cozy Dongbaekseom Island located at the end. Formerly an island, the coastal trail is now connected to the land through years of sedimentation. The people of Busan, however, still refer to the place as Dongbaekseom Island.

At Jagalchi Market, Oiso (Come), Boiso (See), and Saiso (Buy)!

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“Oiso (Come), Boiso (See), and Saiso (Buy)!” is a famous phrase that represents the Jagalchi Market. Along with the nearby Gukje Market and the Bupyeong Kkangtong Market, the Jagalchi Market is Busan’s main traditional market. Let’s discover one of Korea’s largest fish markets, the Jagalchi Market!

Haeridangil Street, the rising mecca of foodie tours and a hidden treasure behind the sea

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Everyone thinks of the vast beach when asked about the most popular place in Haeundae, Busan, but a new location is rising in popularity. Haeridangil Street is a mecca of foodie tours where buildings with heights of only two to three stories are established, unlike the skyscrapers near Haeundae Beach. Let us learn everything about Haeridangil Street!

Namparang Trail Busan Section

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Namparang Trail, which runs from Oryukdo Islets in Busan to Ttangkkeut Village in Haenam, Jeollanam-do, is a 1,463 km long trail on the southern coast of South Korea. The Namparang Trail Busan Section traverses nature and downtown areas of Busan, showing the area’s beautiful trails covering the sea, forests, rivers, downtown areas, and villages. Namparang Trail Busan Section Course 1(23.2km) Oryukdo Sunrise Park – Sinseondae Terrace - WebtoonIbagu-gil – Yoo Chi-hwan Postbox - Choryang Ibagu-gil - Shanghai Street Course 2(19.5km) Taejongdae Park - Gamji Beach – Jeoryeong Coastal Trail – Kangkangee Arts Village - Yeongdodaegyo Bridge - Jagalchi Market Course 3(17.1km) Songdo Beach – Songdo Coast Bollegil Trail - Amnam Park Course 4(21.0km) Morundae Peninsula - Dadaepo Beach – Gowooni Ecological Trail – Jangnim Port Course 5(18.7km) Eulsukdo Island - Myeongji Ocean City – Sinho Park - Sinhohang Port

Hello Busan, Hello Car Camping

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Are you looking for a safe travel destination where you can have fun while practicing social distancing during the time of COVID-19? How about visit a campground in Busan to create precious memories? We are here to introduce campsites that will heal you with nature in the city!

Geumgang Park and Botanical Garden in harmony with old and new

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Before the Busan Citizens Park was created, Geumgang Park and Geumgang Botanical Garden were the most famous with which the majority of Busan citizens have a special memory. The place was once owned by a Japanese merchant who made a part of Geumjeongsan Mountain into his own private garden. But after the liberation of Korea, it was designated as “Geumgang Park.” The name “Geumgang” originated from the time when people said Geumjeongsan Mountain was as beautiful as Geumgangsan Mountain and so called it "Sogeumggang (small Geumgang).

Visit every corner of Busan along the Kang Daniel Tour

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Singer Kang Daniel made his debut in Produce 101 Season 2. His popularity attracts his fans from all over the world to his hometown, Busan.

Sunset and night views of Busan during autumn

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It is a nice day where the sky is high and clear with the gentle feeling of a cool breeze touches your face. Yet, we try to be safe during the present situation of the COVID-19 pandemic despite the perfect weather for a picnic. How about going for a drive when it gets dark after sunset? It’s the best time to enjoy the fantastic view of the sunset and spectacular night views of Busan.

The Unexpected Charms of Busan Travel Destinations!

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Night is a time of rest for travelers as they run out of energy from walking all day while enjoying things and tasting food. After a leisurely dinner and dessert, tourists don’t feel like doing anything. Anyone would also be exhausted by the end of the day with the currently hot weather. When you are in Busan, however, you have to enjoy nightlife. Unexpected fun is hidden all over Busan, and many travel destinations in the province are even more gorgeous at night. You’ll only experience half of Busan if you miss out on nightlife. As such, let’s travel to destinations that are completely different during the day and the night like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

An art museum next to the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO), the Busan Museum of Art

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This multicomplex cultural space with small and large exhibition halls, lobby exhibition halls, Children’s Museum Exhibition Hall, the Space Lee Ufan, and a cafeteria, showcases various modern artworks and holds diverse cultural events and experience programs.

Dive into a Sea of Lotus in the Scorching Summer

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The “lotus flower” has a nickname of “Hwajunggunja (花中君子),” which means “a gentleman among flowers” because of its dignified charm comparable to that of a virtuous man. The flower stands tall in green fields, revealing its charming flushed skin that would make you look back in appreciation. Let’s embark on a journey to see lotus flowers on hot summer days! It’d be great if the weather is good. If not, it’s fine too! Let’s head to Busan’s lotus flower destinations this summer.

Let’s discover Dongnae! Dongnae History Tour

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Dongnae, which was named from the Three Kingdoms period, embraces Busan’s long history. Let’s discover Dongnae’s historical attractions! Dongnae History Tour Dongnaeeupseong Imjinwaeran Museum - Dongnae-bu Magistrate’sOffice – Dongnaehyanggyo Local Confucian School - Ancient Tombs in Bokcheon-dong – Bokcheon Museum – Dongnaeeupseong History Hall - JangYeong-sil Science Garden – NorthGate - Bukjangdae Command Post – Insaengmun Gate - ChungnyeolsaShrine

The silver grass field of Seunghaksan Mountain gives emotion to the autumn of Busan

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Seunghaksan Mountain, with its wonderful silver grass fields, is a must-visit place for trekking in autumn. The grassland, stretching out along the ridge, is filled with swaying golden silver grass shining in the sunlight. Let’s go trekking and check out Seunghaksan Mountain’s silver grass fields, adding to the autumn mood.

Amisan Observatory: Where the river meets the ocean

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The Nakdonggang River cuts through the Yeongnam region. The sandy area right before the river meets with the South Sea, forming a vast delta triangle of rich soil. Downstream the Nakdonggang River is home to numerous migratory birds enjoying rich food and clear water. Visit the Amisan Observatory to view a fantastic landscape where the river meets the ocean.

Walk around Hoedong Reservoir, a place that embraces eternal nature

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The Hoedong Reservoir is a large area that combines rivers, lakes, and forests. It has long been untouched by people and, thus, expresses an intact nature. Its two trails, Ttangmoesan Mountain Red Clay Forest Trail and Galmaetgil Trail, and its hinoki cypress forest are famous “healing spots” beloved by many city dwellers who love to walk in the woods.

The gift of brilliant Busan at Hwangnyeongsan Viewing Lounge

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Located across the four districts of Busan, Hwangnyeongsan Mountain envelops the city and gifts the people with densely packed green forests. Hikers who love to walk on forest paths can enjoy the forest, wine, and sky, and tourists who are fond of the nightscape are gifted with a brilliant world of light. Welcome to the Hwangnyeongsan Viewing Lounge.
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