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A sunset tour

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One of Busan’s greatest charms is the combination of the sea, mountains, and rivers. With its various natural environments, Busan offers diverse sunset landscapes depending on sunset points.

Discover the Dramatic History of Choryang

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Ah, Busan! There are so many things to see, so many places to visit. When in doubt, start off from the gateway to Busan at Busan Station. Walking outside the station and crossing the street brings you to Busan Chinatown and Texas Street. Just a short walk away lies Choryang Ibagu-gil, the living, breathing monument to the modern history of Busan and Korea. Like the story of Ariadne and the Labyrinth, Choryang Ibagu-gil leads the travelers into the mazes of the shantytown, into the past of the city.

Gadeokdo Island offers the joy of exploration!

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A picturesque, blue sea, a wonderful natural landscape, but brings back memories of war It’s Gadeokdo Island! Gadeokdo Island is located where the Nakdonggang River runs into the South Sea of Korea. It is known for its beautiful sunset and wonderful scenery along with the magnificent Geogadaegyo Bridge. People say that you can see as much as you know. Today, you will discover the hidden tragic story of Gadeokdo Island with the background of beautiful nature.

Dongnaeeupseong Walled Town is Busan’s original attraction!

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Dongnae’s name has a long history. Originally, Busan was part of Dongnae until the Joseon period. However, during the Japanese occupation, the city was named “Busan.” Now, let’s explore the Dongnaeeupseong Walled Town, which used to embrace the whole town of Dongnae.

Ilgwang Beach, the past and present of the Busan Sea

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Ilgwang Beach loved by the people of Busan. Ilgwang Beach, considered one of the Eight Sights of Gijang, used to have the old pine forest along the coastline. It was one of the magnificent sights viewed by famous people, including Jeong Mong-ju, since the Goryeo period. Ilgwang Beach is located in Samseong-ri, Ilgwang-myeon. The name of Samseong-ri originated from Samseongdae, which comes from the old word “saemseokdae,” a combination of the words “mineral spring” and “the place where ships are docked.” Today, the middle mound of the sandy beach is referred to as the “samseongdae.”

In Search of Busan’s Old History, Somak Village in Uam-dong

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A long time ago, foreign sailors who entered the Busanhang Port late at night were amazed by the brilliant night view similar to the stars that shine up to the hills. On the next day, they were further surprised to learn that the beautiful lights were created by the huts and shacks built by the refugees. Those houses eventually form the Busan today. Everyone thinks of the magnificent ocean and beaches when they think of Busan, but the city is also home to the sufferings of the modern times because it is used as a port that delivered the colonial exploitations of the Japanese Empire and the temporary residence for refugees. Reviewing the concealed history behind the brilliance of the city may provide us with a deeper understanding of Busan.

Eternal journey with books

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Recently, the term “hocance” has been gaining popularity, making the stay at hotels and resorts the ultimate purpose of a trip. The Eternal Journey book café in Hilton Busan was built for this purpose—to provide rest to visitors through books.

Oncheoncheon Café Street, where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy coffee at the center of Busan

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Many famous cherry blossoms are located in Busan. Haeundae Dalmaji Pass, Namcheon-dong Samik Beach Apartment, Oncheoncheon Stream and Oncheoncheon Café Street are all famous cherry blossom destinations. Laid across Geumjeong-gu, Dongnae-gu, and Yeonje-gu, Oncheoncheon Park is a haven for bikers and joggers. Perhaps that is why Oncheoncheon Stream always looks relaxed and peaceful.

How to Get the Best out of Haeundae

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Some people say that it’s the sea’s job to create waves. However, what matters is that we’re able to wipe all our worries away just by watching the sea work its magic. Unlike summer, the winter sea exemplifies tranquility and respite by itself. People, who once filled the shores last summer have disappeared like the ebbing tide. The days of the hustle and bustle are gone, and the beach has now reclaimed its serenity. This is the best time to enjoy the charms of the sea to the fullest.

Kangkangee Arts Village where history lives on

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Ships are packed in the lighters wharf across the Jagalchi Market beyond the Yeongdo Bridge. This is where the legendary mecca of fixing ships, the Kangkangee Arts Village, is located. The word “kangkangee” comes from the sound of a hammer hitting the surface of the ship to strip away old and rusty paint or shells at the shipyard. From the days when the ceaseless sound of fixing ships was heard, Daepyeong-dong was called Kangkangee Arts Village. If you think that the workers making the sounds of fixing ships are men, you are mistaken. The workers who relied on a single rope to fix ships for a long time are the married women of Daepyeong-dong. They are women of steel who endured the hard work at the shipyard while suffering from the noise and ringing in the ears to provide a better future for their children.

I want some raw fish today

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“Hey, auntie, What’s good today?” “Good today? Silly lad, Everything’s good anytime!” “All right, get me a big fresh one. While you’re at it, chop up some live octopus first, will ya?”

Haeridangil Street, the rising mecca of foodie tours and a hidden treasure behind the sea

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Everyone thinks of the vast beach when asked about the most popular place in Haeundae, Busan, but a new location is rising in popularity. Haeridangil Street is a mecca of foodie tours where buildings with heights of only two to three stories are established, unlike the skyscrapers near Haeundae Beach. Let us learn everything about Haeridangil Street!

LetsRun Park offers a feeling of enjoyment, comfort, and excitement!

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Among different kinds of theme parks, LetsRun Park stands out as a horse-themed park. LetsRun Park BusanGyeongnam attracts people’s attention with its striking horse statue at the entrance.

History of Busan and the history of Korea

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The museum named after Busan. The Busan Museum represents Busan and embodies the history of the Republic of Korea. Since its opening in November 1978, the Busan Museum has served not only as a place for Busan citizens to rest but also as a large-scale exhibition hall that covers the entire history of Busan from the Paleolithic Age to the modern times through the Goryeo Dynasty and the Joseon Dynasty.

Living in Busan for a week

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Wake up and be greeted by a city surrounded by the ocean. Wander along the roads to discover hidden tales in narrow alleyways. What if you get to spend a week in Busan?

Baegyangsan Mountain overlooking Busan

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Baegyangsan Mountain, which encompasses Sasang-gu, Buk-gu, and Busanjin-gu in Busan, is one of the most beloved mountains for hikers. The trails are well organized everywhere and ideal not only for climbing but also for mountain bike and bicycles. The main and most popular trail starts from Children's Grand Park, Busan to pass through Seongjigok Reservoir and reach the peak.
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