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Hocheon Village is famous for the K-drama “Fight for My Way” and wall paintings of tigers

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Places around mountainside roads are counted among the unique attractions of Busan, and the most famous is Gamcheon Culture Village. Hocheon Village is also one of them, widely known as the location for the K-drama “Fight for My Way.” In the old days, tigers were said to frequently roam the mountain’s rough and irregular sides. Now, they’re gone, but the hillside is dotted with clusters of households with orange-warm street lamps that illuminate the alleys.

Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge

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You have probably heard of Songdo Beach in Busan which is the first beach in Korea. This well-known beach has been reorganized and reborn as the new hot spot of Busan. Songdo Beach is known for its four famous sites names the Songdo Cloud Trails, Busan Air Cruise, Songdo Coastal Trail, and Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge. Today, we would like to introduce to you the Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge that is getting popularity on social media.

The unique view of the Gijang Ocean at Jukseong Catholic Church

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The ocean of Gijang that retains the emerald color of the East Sea is a location visited by many people. On sunny or cloudy days, it is a great location for driving along the coast, where romantic cafés offer a great view. Visitors always stop by the Jukseong Catholic Church in Gijang.

Beautiful everywhere, Dadaepo Beach

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Dadaepo Beach, where Nakdonggang River and the South Sea meet, allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature with Busan’s sunrise, sunset, and sandy beach.

A trip to Busan’s southernmost region; from Yeongdo Island to Dadaepo

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Recommended Itinerary Yeongdodaegyo Bridge - Huinnyeoul Culture Village - Taejongdae Park - Korea National Maritime Museum - Gamcheon Culture Village - Songdo Beach - Amisan Observatory - Dadaepo Beach

Ami-dong Tombstone Culture Village, home to graveyards

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The Ami-dong Tombstone Culture Village is across the road from Gamcheon Culture Village. It is one of the mountainous villages that grew busy because of the increasing visitors during the mountainside road renaissance. During the Korean War, refugees embarked on a journey with nothing but basic household items. The civic officers handed out a small note to refugees who congregated to Busan Station that contained the following short address. “San 19-beonji, Ami-dong.” This was the beginning of the Ami-dong Tombstone Culture Village where they will make their home.

Canola flower attractions in Busan at the peak of yellow flowers

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As blooming canola flowers are at its peak in March and April at mountains and parks, Busan will be covered with a wave of bright yellow petals.

Jangnim Port, “Bunezia,” packed with colorful photo zones

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The western Busan was not well known among tourists compared to the eastern Busan where Haeundae and Gwangalli are located. However, it has recently gained popularity, thanks to SNS users who nicknamed Jangnim Port as “Bunezia,” Busan’s Venezia (Venice), and have been taking great photos here.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple in Gijang

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Have you ever heard the waves from the sea of Gijang? What if the vast, endless ocean and the magnificent coastal view were spread out before your very eyes? Let’s visit Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, where the wind, waves, and breathtaking views await.

Autumn songs sung by reeds and silvergrass

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It is autumn when the sky is high, and horses grow fat. The quiver of excitement cannot be hidden upon looking at the clear sky and feeling the cool breeze. On a day when you want to walk and relax, why not enjoy autumn’s flavors through Busan’s reeds and silvergrass in every corner?

Songjeong Beach: Preserving nature

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Pass by Haeundae by walking down along the Dalmajigil Road to see the wide and long stretch of the sandy Songjeong Beach, the beach loved by surfers.

Fishing Villages: Best Relaxing Getaways in Busan

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Busan is famous for its diverse natural resources. Although it is a big city full of high-rise buildings, Busan is also close to the sea, rivers, mountains, and its amazing natural scenery will make your trip more interesting. If you are ready to explore different, you should check out Gadeokdo Island. Even Busan locals are not fully familiar with this island, but it has unique scenery that will change your perception of Busan as a big city. In particular, fishing villages in every corner of Gadeokdo Island are the best spots to relax after a tiring day.

Geumjeongsan Mountain makes Busan even more beautiful

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Geumjeongsan Mountain in Busan, the most popular peak next to Bukhansan Mountain in Seoul . The mountain starts from Geumjeong-gu, Busan, stretching to Buk-gu in Yangsan-si in Gyeongsangnam-do. Thanks to its wide scope, it’s easily accessible both in the center of Busan and in the suburbs. In some cases, the entrance and the way out are far from each other. Let’s head to Geumjeongsan Mountain, which has the longest fortress in Korea, and Beomeosa Temple, one of the three largest temples in the Yeongnam area.

Yongdusan Park, a reason to travel to Busan

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I visit Busan because of Yongdusan Park! That’s right. Yongdusan Park is enough reason to visit Busan these days. If Haeundae is the hot spot of east Busan, Nampo-dong is the most popular place in central Busan. Yongdusan Park is a leading landmark of Busan frequented by those who visit the region.

Teeming with cherry blossoms on every corner of Busan

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Let’s see the spots where cherry blossoms bloom first in Korea, except Jeju Island, and where you can enjoy them along the streets of every city or out of town while appreciating mountains, rivers, and the sea. Come and feel the spring of Busan.

A night scape tour in Busan

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Busan provides various night views city lights, bridge lights over the sea, lit up skyscrapers, and tons of lights that dot the mountainside road. Let’s go on a tour around the romantic night view spots full of Busan’s unique colors.
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