Feel alive with mountain biking!

Gain energy from the gaps and smell of earth

Feel alive with mountain biking!
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Mountain biking entails riding bicycles on off-road trails, such as rough hills and mountains. It makes you feel “alive,” an experience unachievable from other activities. Pedaling up a mountain can be harder than any other sport, but you will feel extremely thrilled as you fly down the mountain biking trail, enjoying the cool breeze.
  • Feel alive with mountain biking!1
Before mountain riding, you should take time to hone your body and skills at the Mountain Biking Experience in Hwamyeong Eco Park. Even if you’re good at riding a bicycle, you may still encounter unexpected risks and end up in an accident if you try mountain riding without sufficient training.
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This is a sports field for mountain bikers, filled with challenging courses, such as hills of different heights, inclined walls, and stairs leading directly to hill trails. You should carefully pedal on your bike as if you were committed to mountain biking. Once you get used to it, you can climb a hill more resolutely. As you increase the training intensity step by step, you will soon gain confidence.
You can use Mountain Biking Experience free of charge, but keep in mind that you must bring a mountain bike and wear protective gear. Moreover, you should always pay attention to safety to avoid any possible accidents.
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After sufficient practice, you should reinforce your skills on a flat forest trail rather than a steep slope. If you want a long ride on a mountain trail, Ilgwangsan Theme Forest Road is the best place. The 100 km long road has a mixture of cement and dirt roads and is also designed for walking, serving as a resting place for bikers while enjoying the beautiful scenery.
Baegyangsan Mountain, where the mountain bike rally takes place, consists of various mountain biking trails for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced bikers, offering appropriate uphill enduros and a downhill thrill. Choosing the right trail will allow you to upgrade your mountain biking skills.
Hwangnyeongsan Mountain, featuring a lot of singletracks, is popular among riders who want to experience true mountain biking. Here, you can enjoy the charm of a downhill singletrack in any direction from the beacon. This is why it is popular as a regular trail to mountain bike club members.
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Mountain biking requires constant ups and downs. You get soaked in sweat in no time, and your calves and thighs seem to burst. However, as your skills improve, you will get fascinated with mountain biking. It demands physical strength but gives you a great sense of achievement when you make it. This is the true charm of mountain biking, isn’t it?

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