It is art, very fun art.

Cabinet de Poissons, art drawn with light and sound

It is art, very fun art.
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Water, fire, and wind follow my movement. The petals bloom at my touch. A splendid world unfolds as if I am entering a magic glass. It is not a dreamy story that we have only imagined since we were young. Media technology art turns scenes from our imagination into reality with light and sound. In Gijang-gun, which boasts the blue sea and outstanding scenery, an even more beautiful and surreal world has opened. Let’s take a trip to “Cabinet de Poissons,” the creator of everlasting nature.
  • It is art, very fun art.1
  • It is art, very fun art.2

Osiria Coastal Walk

Before viewing the media exhibition, take a stroll along the coastal trail in front of Ananti Cove. The Osiria Coastal Walk, with the blue sea and beautiful coastal scenery, will capture your heart. Enjoy a light walk from the entrance of Hilton Hotel to Ananti Cove, and then head to our destination, the Media Art Gallery. The Cabinet de Poissons Media Exhibition is taking place at the Ananti Cove Media Art Gallery.

  • It is art, very fun art.1
  • It is art, very fun art.2

Alive Nature

Three walls that are a bit dark and desolate. This is where the surreal world of Cabinet de Poissons begins. But, in the beginning, it may feel so ordinary that the surreal does not seem fitting. But that thought is going to change quickly. Standing in front of one of the walls, the quiet wall begins to emit colorful lights as a result of my simple touch. This is Alive Nature, an art space where you can feel the energy of water, fire and wind with your own gestures. This is the moment at which the everlasting nature of Cabinet de Poissons is born by the movement of “me” in a place where there has not been any living thing.

  • It is art, very fun art.1
  • It is art, very fun art.2

Light River

With a single touch, light bulbs turn on one by one with the sound of ta-da, and, once all the lights are lit brightly, a huge stream of light begins to flow. This is the Light River, a stream of light that leads you into a beautiful space of light. In the elaborate flow of light, you fall into an illusion that water actually flows. Let’s dip our feet in the water of light and allow it to control and move our bodies.

  • It is art, very fun art.1
  • It is art, very fun art.2
  • It is art, very fun art.3
  • It is art, very fun art.4

Paradise Hills

You enter a space of light as you follow the stream of light. Here at Paradise Hills where a big waterfall flows, colorful flowers bloom along the waterfall, and beautiful sounds resonate with every step you take. Imagination here turns into reality. Colorful buds scatter with a single touch, and pleasant sounds follow you at every step. The tunnel of light created by countless LEDs grabs your attention as light sways like waves. Paradise Hills, which realistically shows a beautiful cross-section of nature only with light and sound, may very well be a paradise on earth.

  • It is art, very fun art.1
  • It is art, very fun art.2

Timeless Cocoon

Timeless Cocoon is a room of mirrors that beautifully expresses time and space as if they are lost. It feels as if you have been trapped in a magic glass or have become Alice in Wonderland. While being mesmerized by the dazzling sight created by light and mirrors, I find myself quickly grabbing my camera and capturing the moment as diligently as I can. A place where every shot becomes an instant scene from a movie. Let’s experience an unforgettable impression in the surreal world built by Cabinet de Poissons.

Travel Etiquette

-Photography using a tripod or selfie stick, and filming, recording or videotaping for commercial purposes are strictly prohibited
-Visitors are not allowed to bring food or drink into the media gallery
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  • Address

    Cabinet de Poissons (Ananti Cove Media Art Gallery) 268-31, Gijanghaean-ro Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan
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  • Closing Dates

    Last Thursday of every month
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    Mon-Fri 11:00-19:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-19:00 (Entrance closes at 18:00)
  • Service Fees

    Adult: 15,000 KRW, Children: 10,000 KRW
  • Traffic Information

    Exit 1, Osiria Station, Donghae Line → Transfer at Osiria Station Bus Stop to Bus 139, or 1001 → Dongam Rear Gate Bus Stop, 15-minute walk
    Bus 1001, 139, 181, or 100 → Dongam Rear Gate Bus Stop, 15-minute walk
    Parking: Ananti Penthouse Haeundae Parking Lot (Fees apply)
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