A night scape tour in Busan

A night scape tour in Busan
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Busan provides various night views city lights, bridge lights over the sea, lit up skyscrapers, and tons of lights that dot the mountainside road. Let’s go on a tour around the romantic night view spots full of Busan’s unique colors.
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First, let’s visit Hwangnyeongsan Observatory, following the colorful transmitting towers and the different lights around the observatory. The night view seen from the mountains is fascinating. Hwangnyeongsan Observatory provides the best panoramic view of the eastern, western, northern, and southern parts of Busan all at once. This observatory encompasses multifarious night views ranging from spectacular lighting emitted by towering buildings in downtown areas to the subtle scenery filled with colorful lights beneath the foot of the mountain. Headlights of cars moving smoothly on the roads through buildings also show the vitality of the city.
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One of Busan’s unique night views is the lights of a village along a mountainside road. This is a history diorama that embraces the Busanhang Port and Hocheon Village, boasting such an amazing night view and featured in numerous dramas. Centered around the mountainside road, back-to-back houses are densely packed in here, along with narrow alleys in between. The orange color emitted by street lamps in the alleys gives us a nostalgic, romantic feeling. Moreover, the night view of the mountainside road in harmony with the roof colors such as green, white, and blue presents another beauty different from the splendor of the road.
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The night view of Gwangandaegyo Bridge is also a must-see. Along Gwangalli Beach, you can see city lights behind you and countless illuminations in front of you. Gwangandaegyo Bridge is where the colorful lighting changes from moment to moment, embellishing the sea at night while people in groups enjoy the entrancing feast of the lights. As a representative beach downtown, it is characterized by vibrant harmony between the energy of people and the lights reflecting from the sea.
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Don’t miss the night view of Busanhangdaegyo Bridge, which connects Yeongdo and the mainland. Busanhangdaegyo Bridge, viewed from Cheonghak Reservoir, emits different lights every moment. The lights of the dock against a backdrop of city lights will surely take your breath away. What if you come close and look up at Busanhangdaegyo Bridge instead of watching it in the distance? The bridge, looked up at from Cheonghak Waterside Park located directly below it, creates a more exceptional view when contrasted with the dark night sky.
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The night view of Haeundae Beach gives you different emotions depending on the viewing spots. From Mipo, located on the left side of the beach, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Haeundae that embraces all the lights emitting from buildings behind the sea. Dongbaekseom Island, Marine City, and Gwangandaegyo Bridge in the distance come into sight all at once. The bay 101, located at the entrance to Dongbaekseom Island, is a famous spot for a night view of skyscrapers. You can also enjoy a glass of beer while facing the splendid buildings of Marine City. Marine City’s skyscrapers and the reflection in the sea create a picturesque landscape.

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The gift of brilliant Busan at Hwangnyeongsan Viewing Lounge
1The gift of brilliant Busan at Hwangnyeongsan Viewing Lounge
Located across the four districts of Busan, Hwangnyeongsan Mountain envelops the city and gifts the people with densely packed green forests. Hikers who love to walk on forest paths can enjoy the forest, wine, and sky, and tourists who are fond of the nightscape are gifted with a brilliant world of light. Welcome to the Hwangnyeongsan Viewing Lounge.

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Choryang Ibagu-gil, yesterday’s memories blossoming into stories
2Choryang Ibagu-gil, yesterday’s memories blossoming into stories
Houses are packed on the midslope of the mountains surrounding Busanhang Port. Refugees who left their hometowns to come to Busan climbed up the mountains to build the villages. As long as there was work, people would go up and down 168 Stairs multiple times a day to the dock, station, and Gukje Market. Let’s go see Choryang Ibagu-gil, a storytelling path narrated by people who did not even speak the Gyeongsang-do Province dialect.

Choryang Ibagu-gil

Former Baekje Hospital - Namseon Warehouse Site – Choryang Church - 168 Stairs - Kim Min-bu Observatory - Ebagu Archive Center - Chang Kee-ryo Memorial Hall - Yoo Chi-hwan Postbox Observatory

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Gwangalli offers a spectacular view at night.
3Gwangalli offers a spectacular view at night.
Gwangalli Beach is a famous beach and one of Busan’s representative hot spots together with Gwangandaegyo Bridge. It is the closest beach to the city center and also a trendy meeting place for Busan’s youth. Along with its white sandy beach, Gwangalli is filled with diverse attractions such as restaurants serving delicious foods, coffee shops with an open view of the sea, exotic stores hidden in alleyways, and the Namcheon-dong Cherry Blossom Street, which shines with pink cherry blossoms in spring.

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Haeundae Beach: The Busan representative
4Haeundae Beach: The Busan representative
When people mention Busan, the first thing that comes to mind is the sea! Among Busan’s various beaches, Haeundae Beach is the best-known destination. Not only in summer but all year round, Haeundae Beach attracts a multitude of tourists seeking the dynamic atmosphere of Busan.

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Hocheon Village is famous for the K-drama “Fight for My Way” and wall paintings of tigers
5Hocheon Village is famous for the K-drama “Fight for My Way” and wall paintings of tigers
Places around mountainside roads are counted among the unique attractions of Busan, and the most famous is Gamcheon Culture Village. Hocheon Village is also one of them, widely known as the location for the K-drama “Fight for My Way.” In the old days, tigers were said to frequently roam the mountain’s rough and irregular sides. Now, they’re gone, but the hillside is dotted with clusters of households with orange-warm street lamps that illuminate the alleys.

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