Into the sea of festivals

Busan is summer, and summer is the Busan Sea Festival!

Into the sea of festivals
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The blazing sun, cool ocean, golden beach, brilliant neon sign, and exciting music!

Enjoy all of these at the Busan Sea Festival, Busan’s best summer festival.
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The Busan Sea Festival is held at five beaches in Busan including Haeundae, Gwangalli, Dadaepo, Songdo, and Songjeong.
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The festival welcomes visitors with a new concept each year and various programs that reflect the nature of each beach. The event kicks off with the opening party held at the Haeundae Beach. This year’s concept is “pool party”—which involves large-scale sprinklers, bubbles, and artificial pools—in the form of a standing performance.
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Even if you miss the opening party, you can still enjoy the festival by participating in different events each day. The Night Pool Party held at the Gunam-ro area of Haeundae is one of them. The program features mini pools and water guns along with bands, EDM performances, and various events.
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Those who want to make the most out of their night at Gwangalli can show off their skills in the DJ Contest, which is an excellent opportunity for foreign DJs residing in Korea to express their overflowing energy.
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There is nothing more capable of heating up a summer night than dancing. Just watching the dance party held at Gwangalli Beach makes you feel like you’re not a bad dancer. Follow the passionate swing moves, salsa dances, and Zumba performances by members of local and overseas dance clubs, and move to the rhythm of the music.
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Diverse and fun performances continue.
We recommend the jazz festival to those who enjoy the quiet mood of the Busan Sea, the Gwangalli Hip Night to future leaders of hip-hop, and the Dadaepo Folk Rock Festival to those who want to experience the romantic sunset at Dadaepo. The music and lyrics performed by the best musicians against the backdrop of the night sea are enough to satisfy all ears.
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In addition, the Hyunin Festival is held at the Songdo Beach to honor Singer Hyun In, and the Songjeong Beach Festival involving surfing and other cultural events is held at the Songjeong Beach.

The Busan Sea Festival is an event open to all genders and persons with/without disabilities. Events include the Busan Youth Sea Festival and the Handicapped One Ocean Festival, which features a healthy play culture for persons with disabilities, various sports events, and recreation.
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Is there an end to the charm of the Busan Sea?
Nightscape, music, youth, passion.
Many things come to mind when it comes to the summer of Busan, but the Busan Sea Festival is like an assorted gift set that contains all of it.

A festival that will bring you more than what you could imagine.
The festival alone is enough to visit Busan in the summer.

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Each beach has various events. Refer the website to see the detailed schedule of the festival.
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    Sign language interpretation for the One Ocean Festival for the Disabled / The Union of the Handicapped Association in Busan +82-51-863-0650
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