Busan Healing Forest

A good Forest for walking

Busan Healing Forest
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Have a relaxing moment at the Busan Healing Forest that contains the essence of natural!
The Busan Healing Forest located at the outskirts of Ahopsan Mountain is the first healing forest in Busan. In this healing forest, there is a regular forest healing program. However, the program may change the operation due to COVID-19 so it is required to check it in advance. Moreover, if you do not participate in the program, the Busan Healing Forest is a great place for enjoying a walk to heal your body and mind.
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Begin from the visitor center at the entrance, the forest divides into the soil path on the left and the deck path on the right. From there, you can choose the level of difficulty among advanced, intermediate, and beginner courses then start your walk while enjoying the cool breeze from the valley. The Busan Healing Forest is the best place to enjoy the nature of the forest while having a leisure walk.
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Walk all over to the forest while inhaling clean and fresh air. Just walking is good, yet the smell of wood and soil adds extra refreshment. Cross the wooden bridge surrounded by the thick greens and listen to the sound of the stream along the valley for pleasant relaxation.
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Witness the several species of florals in the green forest, it feels relaxed for your mind and body. Birds sing on top of trees and colorful insects with unknown wildflowers mixed with one another. The forest library, interactive shelter, forest healing yard, and forest meditation site are great shelters for walking visitors.
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Relaxed footsteps reach the steep wooden stairs. Climb the stairs to the big rock place for rest. Sit in this place and realized that everything surrounds you is greens. The quietness spreads as if discovering a secret garden in the deep forest. The mountain breeze that touches your face has healing power for those exhausted by daily life.

Experience the mother of nature at the Busan Healing Forest when you are felt exhausted from your busy life!

Travel Etiquette

The Busan Healing Forest is a water resource protection area.
-No Smoking, Drinking or Cooking (Camping)
-No Bicycles or Motorcycles
-Illegal collection and destruction prohibited
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  • Address

    101, Cheolmacheon-ro, Cheolma-myeon, Gijang-gun, Busan
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  • Closing Dates

    Closed on Lunar New Year’s Day and Chuseok
  • Hours

    Every day
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  • Traffic Information

    Exit 2 of Beomeosa Station on Busan Metro Line 1, transfer to Village Bus Gijang-gun 2-3, get off at Busan Healing Forest
    Parking: Busan Healing Forest Parking Lot
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