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Title Winners Announcement : EYHEY MA HAMO YouTube Event (#2)

Winners Announcement : EYHEY MA HAMO YouTube Event (#2)

( Period : 5 Apr 2022~28 Apr 2022 )
Thank you for participating in the event!

[Winners’ guide]

- The serial number of the Amazon gift card will be emailed to the winners.
- The gift card can only be used at
- Prizes will be sent according to the provided personal information. VisitBusan will not be responsible for any causes that may occur due to incorrect personal information.

5 Apr 2022 (Tue) – 14 Apr 2022 (Thu)

rosegreen**** 111shanusiddiq****
life9**** marialpp****
baghdad**** xiay****
jowso**** harshanay****
hangva**** naigaa****
taar**** darshs****
wansamant**** saheen****
mehramsl**** Alexfon****
naajam**** toohlaghar****
mokoo**** fasee****
berry07**** asuskp****
mohduvais**** ShankarS****
jameslle**** lataar****
zaidsaqlai**** mwaris****
erasmi**** atifza****
theskyze**** eliotarnt****
saraayes**** rockstar7****
111enayalhan**** mkmanis****
kahdi**** naazfa****
hiranal**** kk77****
askarali**** faka****
yaakori**** foloko****
maarolagha**** 111salmansalma****
ror**** sunrise.bleu****
galra**** jeskpopm****

12 Apr 2022 (Tue) – 21 Apr 2022 (Thu)

monamona2**** dpr****
15ich.l**** mohduvais****
khuniida**** life6****
jessie_328**** rockstar****
masonmille**** sarfaraz****
111mendihasa**** mhaylhe****
nazsa**** humayun****
haahjo**** sabanoor****
kamiliaphilipp**** ctom****
icigoro**** abidalimansoori****
bhatb**** lataar****
sanbor**** jessicaalb****
ridad**** nrub****
popacarmen**** kaamjo****
harshacha**** jowso****
shahidlagha**** fokfoklag****
manikanda**** annefrancesjim****
zaraki**** lagharihass****
abid77hussa**** dilnasee****
eviabahas**** fasee****
muskiraan**** amanraven****
henrys**** lori5****
naseemnasi**** renegades1****
balak19**** cloud.tlm****
esralov**** grigoriea****

19 Apr 2022 (Tue) – 28 Apr 2022 (Thu)

cindybella**** Mariam4osama****
kamaluddin18**** lands****
designdrea**** kpoo****
uvaishansar**** desireejan****
faqe**** nageswvee****
hikaruhiro**** byulciel.korra****
prince.vikas1**** juliet_m****
urvashiada**** mohdali5****
life6**** derimanjyu_cyoayo-seoul****
jascha**** immu****
lauraanna**** aa9135****
janathan**** lauraanna****
amanraven**** marwathanabi****
armaanhai**** gangwarpoona****
do**** manishvasa****
kasimkasimabu**** goldlif****
indiao**** punavp****
colad**** nahsi****
kamranak**** sunrise.bleu****
111kamalhasa**** kamiliaka****
ddpanna51**** poolri****
khadijah**** hlaal****
nh30**** goldlif****
raal**** pamba****
milletma**** askarali****
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