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Increase the pride of swellfish dishes, Busan

Gamasot Saengbok-jip

The restaurant is located near the overpass bridge in front of the Gijang Dongbu-ri Hanshin Apartment. It started as a tempura house and has been running blowfish house for 16 years. The side dishes include kimchi, seasoned bean leaves, seasoned spinach pickles, seasoned lotus roots, and tofu balls in addition blowfish skin mixed with minari, radish and pear. You can add sweet and spicy gochujang sauce to make it even tastier. Blowfish shabu shabu is the owner-chef’s specialty. It comes with vegetables, blowfish flesh and the boiled blowfish bones, head and skin soup.
Busan > Gijang-gun

Oncheoncheon brunch cafe which is good for brunch

Komodo Table

A brunch cafe located in Oncheoncheon cafe street. Cop-salad and grilled avocado sandwiches are popular menus. Cop-salad is filled with fresh meterials like large whole shrimp, egg, avocado, and olive. The taste of sweet, savory, and salty stimulate the appetite. Props and interior make you take photos naturally. Enjoy the healthy and delicious brunch.
Busan > Dongnae-gu

Refreshing meat stock and chewy noodles are superb

Hamgyeong Myeonok (함경면옥)

Located in Dongrae, it is one of the most famous cold noodle restaurants in Busan. The restaurant offers a variety of menu in addition to cold noodle. The beef broth that comes with Hamheung cold noodle is very tasty. Onmyeon (warm noodle) and galbi-tang are also very popular dishes. The soup of mulnaengmyeon tastes great and the noodle is very chewy When you eat naengmyeon, add vinegar, mustard, sugar and dadaegi seasoning to enjoy the dish even more.
Busan > Dongnae-gu

Sea eel that brings the fresh sea

Wonjo Live Eel (원조산곰장어)

A specialized eel roast restaurant located in an alley next to Dongrae Market. They use live hagfish and sea eel. There are whole roast, salt roast, and seasoned roast in the menu. Especially, salt roast is famous as you can feel the original taste of sea eel dipping in the sesame oil and salt after roasting on the fire and its smell is also savory
Busan > Dongnae-gu

Neat taste as no seasonings are used

Jeonglim (정림)

All pickled vegetables are enzymes made of sanyacho herb. It is made by 3 years of aging process, so you could have them as medicine too. Also, it does not use any seasonings, which produces clean taste. Also, since seasoning are not used, the dish has characteristic smooth and refreshing taste. The foods are served on porcelain plates and it is appetizing just to look at all the array of foods, starting from rice porridge, herb salad, fish pancake, acorn jelly pudding, cabbage wrap and tempura. For desserts, you can choose from rice cake, fruits and plum tea to finish the meal.
Busan > Dongnae-gu

Taste of soup is refreshing using about 20 types of seafood and vegetables

Anyang Haemultang (안양해물탕)

Located in Sajik-dong, the restaurant pre-purchases only the seafood produced in the environmentally clean coast near Busan and strictly manages the quality and the freshness of ingredients. The soup stock made using beef bones, seafood and vegetables. 20 kinds of seafood from the environmentally clean area and bean sprouts, minari parsley and other vegetables are cooked on high temperature fire over a brief period of time, which produces great tasting soup. You will experience the difference in the depth of the flavor.
Busan > Dongnae-gu

Provide the real taste of mixing

Onggi Village (옹기마을)

A barley rice and chopped noodles specialist located nearby Chungnyeolsa Shrine. It is very tasty when you mix various vegetables, sauce, and several spoons of bean paste with barley rice. The barley rice attracts a lot as it provides pure and neat taste. The special menu is the Red bean noodle which is pure and tasty.
Busan > Dongnae-gu

Pajeon with crispy and wet

Somunnan Dongnae Pajeon (소문난동래파전)

Located in front of the Geumgang-gongwon Par, the restaurant is a pajeon specialty restaurant, selling crispy and moist pajeon pancake. Egg is added over pork and various seafood such as squid, shrimp and mussel. Pajeon is cooked crispy outside but most inside, which is impressive. You can eat it as it is, but it tastes better with chili pepper sauce. The marriage of Dongrae pajeon and makgeoli wine is fantastic, and nothing less.
Busan > Dongnae-gu

Meat bakban with a superb texture of chewy pork

Halmae Gukbap (할매국밥)

The restaurant is a gukbap (rice soup) specialty restaurant with more than 50 years of tradition. You will have to stand in line for more than 30 minnutes to get in the restaurant. The best menu innclude pork gukbap, soondae gukbap and ox tripe gukbap. The rice combination with steamed beef is also very popular. You can put salted shrimp into soup to remvoe bad taste and add seasoned leeks to enjoy the dish more. The rice plate with steamed beef is a popular menu, and the flavor of chewy pork meat is excellent.
Busan > Dong-gu

Milk cafe with full of Japanese emotion

Cafe Choryang 1941 (카페초량 1941)

It is a milk cafe with full of Japanese emotion by renovating Juksangaok which is a hot cafe at Ibagugil, Choryang. Since it has maintained Juksangaok, it has a value of conservation historically. Representative menus are Choryang milk, vanilla milk, and tea milk. As old props and interior are cute, it is a nice place to take photos.
Busan > Dong-gu

Nice texture by aging the top level Hanwoo

Jobang Jeil Hanwoo (조방제일한우)

The restaurant is famous for assorted roasted beef and charbroiled roasted beef dishes. The restaurant serves the highest grade marinated beef with great texture. When you order a dish, you will be served slice beef, along with Korean dishes. You will enjoy the great tasting Korean beef with great charbroiled flavor. I recommend you try the beef with garlic. The restaurant also sells Korean beef package.
Busan > Dong-gu

Great texture of soft and pure

Wan Chai (완차이)

A specialized Chinese course meal restaurant located in China Town, Busan. For 2 persons meals, it serves Nanjawance, Ryusansul, Sweet sour pork, and Jajang. Najawance is pure, Ryusansul is soft and savory. The texture of Sweet sour pork is great as the outside is crunchy and inside is soft. They sell natural songi jjambong, oyster jjambong, fried crab meat rice, and mapa topu rice for lunch at special prices.
Busan > Dong-gu

A place you have to wait forming a queue to eat

Shinbalwon (신발원)

Shinbalwon, located in Busan Chinatown, is famous for meat and roast dumpling. The restaurant offers Chinese style dumpling and bread that will make you remind of the old days. The restaurant is very famous in Busan, and you will have to line up in order to get in. For ingredients for bread, beans and red beans grown in Gangwondo province are used. Roasted dumpling has great texture and is chewy and juicy. Beef dumpling has just thick enough skin and juicy fillings.
Busan > Dong-gu

Multi-place that has mixed cafe and beauty

B4GO, Oncheon branch (비포고온천점)

A beauty-cafe located in Oncheonjang. It is a new concept multi-place that has mixed cafe and beauty which satisfies 5 senses. You can meet delicious coffee, 155 year old traditional American Bassetts ice cream, and various functional cosmetics. Meet the cafe and beauty at here.
Busan > Dongnae-gu

Steamed neat and healthy dishes

Sandulbaram (산들바람)

20 year old traditional Korean restaurant licated in Anrak-dong, Busan. It is specialized in Bossam and steamed seafood. The colorful garden in front of it and the fresh water sound inside provide the sound of nature itself. If you order steamed dishes, seafood pancake, steamed dish, small octopus vegetable noodle, and sundae follow. The basic side dishes are neat and give you the healthy taste. It is a good place for group meetings and family gatherings.
Busan > Dongnae-gu

Encounter of Korean and Western styles

Bong Restaurant (봉식당)

Fantastic harmony of mother and son. At first, this restaurant served Bossam with a name of Gumjeongsan in 2004, but changed after the son studied at Le Cordon Blue and had some experience. The whole building from the 1st to the 4th floor are their restaurant. They serve S, A, B course menus and you can enjoy a variety of Korean and Western style dishes at once.
Busan > Dongnae-gu

※ Reference : Busan’s Best Famous Local Restaurants (Healthcare and Hygiene Division, Busan Metropolitan City, 2019)
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