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The silver grass field of Seunghaksan Mountain gives emotion to the autumn of Busan

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Seunghaksan Mountain, with its wonderful silver grass fields, is a must-visit place for trekking in autumn. The grassland, stretching out along the ridge, is filled with swaying golden silver grass shining in the sunlight. Let’s go trekking and check out Seunghaksan Mountain’s silver grass fields, adding to the autumn mood.
Busan > Saha-gu

Sinseondae Terrace boasts the scenery that fascinated Taoist hermits

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Footprints of Taoist hermits left on the rocks. Traces of the Taoist hermits’ white horses. Sinseondae Terrace has various beautiful legends, including one about Tanggeon Rock that was said to have been formed by tanggeon (horsehair skullcap) that accidentally fell off from a Taoist hermit ascending to the sky.
Busan > Nam-gu

Ami-dong Tombstone Culture Village, home to graveyards

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The Ami-dong Tombstone Culture Village is across the road from Gamcheon Culture Village. It is one of the mountainous villages that grew busy because of the increasing visitors during the mountainside road renaissance. During the Korean War, refugees embarked on a journey with nothing but basic household items. The civic officers handed out a small note to refugees who congregated to Busan Station that contained the following short address. “San 19-beonji, Ami-dong.” This was the beginning of the Ami-dong Tombstone Culture Village where they will make their home.
Busan > Seo-gu

Meet the forest preserved for over 400 years in its natural state

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The forest has kept its natural condition unopened to the public throughout the Japanese occupation, liberation, war, and industrialization. The Ahopsan Forest in Gijang-gun, Busan, is a place that was not open to the world for 400 years. “Ahopsan” of Ahopsan Forest is a pure Korean word that means embracing the nine valleys.
Busan > Gijang-gun

Ilgwang Beach, the past and present of the Busan Sea

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Ilgwang Beach loved by the people of Busan. Ilgwang Beach, considered one of the Eight Sights of Gijang, used to have the old pine forest along the coastline. It was one of the magnificent sights viewed by famous people, including Jeong Mong-ju, since the Goryeo period. Ilgwang Beach is located in Samseong-ri, Ilgwang-myeon. The name of Samseong-ri originated from Samseongdae, which comes from the old word “saemseokdae,” a combination of the words “mineral spring” and “the place where ships are docked.” Today, the middle mound of the sandy beach is referred to as the “samseongdae.”
Busan > Gijang-gun

National Memorial Museum of Forced Mobilization under Japanese Occupation embraces the painful history

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After the breakout of the Sino-Japanese War, the Empire of Japan, which had enacted the National Mobilization Law, forcibly mobilized the Koreans, exploiting their labor and infringing upon their human rights. The Koreans who were taken to Japan and Manchuria under the names of coal mine workers, soldiers, and women's labor corps had to suffer from famine and labor. It is an indelible, painful history. Let’s remember and spread knowledge about the heartbreaking history with the National Memorial Museum of Forced Mobilization under Japanese Occupation.
Busan > Nam-gu

Imnang Beach, The Beach that only I want to know

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Summer is the sea, and the sea is Busan, but this beach is not known to outsiders yet. Imnang Beach is the beach loved by the people of Busan and considered to be one of the two top beaches of Gijang-gun.
Busan > Gijang-gun

To the peak of Jangsan Mountain that overlooks Marine City and Gwangandaegyo Bridge

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Jangsan Mountain, overlooking the southern sea, is a towering natural wonder, with a wide range of hiking trails. Enjoy a 3 hr outing to the peak of Jangsan Mountain while appreciating the scenic view of Haeundae Marine City and Gwangandaegyo Bridge.
Busan > Haeundae-gu

The view at Bongnaesan Mountain is spectacular!

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Is the name Bongnae, which means a phoenix descending, too much? The moment you climb up Bongnaesan Mountain and see the view, your doubts will fly away. Climb up the steep slope between the bumpy rocks, and push through the watery fog to walk on the trail. Stop by the historic park that tells you about Yeongdo’s specialty crop, the Jonaegi sweet potato. Reach the summit past the clouds hanging on the hillside to see the view where a phoenix roamed during the ancient times. No matter how exhausted you were until then, you’d immediately feel like everything was worth it. The top of Bongnaesan Mountain presents hikers with a vast and panoramic view of the ocean in all directions and the city.
Busan > Yeongdo-gu

Jangansa Temple, a millennium temple in Bulgwangsan Mountain surrounded by the valley

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Jangansa Temple is said to have been founded by Buddhist Monk Wonhyo famous for the story of horrid skull cup. For more than 1,300 years, it has been in harmony with the foot of Bulgwangsan Mountain. With Bulgwangsan Mountain in its background and Jangansa Valley in its foreground, Jangansa Temple attracts many people with the beautiful nature outside and harmonious design inside.
Busan > Gijang-gun

Hocheon Village is famous for the K-drama “Fight for My Way” and wall paintings of tigers

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Places around mountainside roads are counted among the unique attractions of Busan, and the most famous is Gamcheon Culture Village. Hocheon Village is also one of them, widely known as the location for the K-drama “Fight for My Way.” In the old days, tigers were said to frequently roam the mountain’s rough and irregular sides. Now, they’re gone, but the hillside is dotted with clusters of households with orange-warm street lamps that illuminate the alleys.
Busan > Busanjin-gu

Walk around Hoedong Reservoir, a place that embraces eternal nature

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The Hoedong Reservoir is a large area that combines rivers, lakes, and forests. It has long been untouched by people and, thus, expresses an intact nature. Its two trails, Ttangmoesan Mountain Red Clay Forest Trail and Galmaetgil Trail, and its hinoki cypress forest are famous “healing spots” beloved by many city dwellers who love to walk in the woods.
Busan > Geumjeong-gu

Eternal journey with books

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Recently, the term “hocance” has been gaining popularity, making the stay at hotels and resorts the ultimate purpose of a trip. The Eternal Journey book café in Hilton Busan was built for this purpose—to provide rest to visitors through books.
Busan > Gijang-gun

Songsanghyeon Square, the link of flow and communication

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Located at the urban center alongside a beautiful forest and small brook, Songsanghyeon Square is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing time under the Metasequoia tree on a breezy day. It is the largest urban square in Busan that provides a café and outdoor performance hall where diverse events and performances are held.
Busan > Busanjin-gu

You go, to Cine Road

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The slate is ready. Scene 1: No. 1 Cine Road. “Ready. Action!” Many of the movies watched by tens of millions of people were filmed in Busan! Which movies are they? Find out by visiting Movie Street! “I’m the director, and you’re the actor.” Pretend like you’re a movie star. Imagine how an actor lets go of who he/she is and gets completely absorbed into a film character. Such thoroughness makes us marvel. Spider-man, a world-famous hero, is at Haeundae as well. Don’t forget to take a picture with Spider-Man, who continues to work hard to protect us from evil! A leisure afternoon with movie characters with an open view of the ocean at Haeundae This is what people call small but sure happiness.
Busan > Haeundae-gu

Make three wishes to Buddha at Samgwangsa Temple

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Samgwangsa Temple, located on the outskirts of the beautiful Baegyangsan Mountain, embraces the lower village. Even though the temple is large, it’s a place of prayer to Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, where many people pray quietly. Each visitor circles around the pagoda containing the cremated remains of Buddha, and prays wholeheartedly. On Buddha’s birthday, you must see the spectacular sight provided by the Lotus Lantern Festival. In May, colorful lanterns light up the outskirts of the mountain at Samgwangsa Temple, making it the brightest place of all.
Busan > Busanjin-gu
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