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Busan Modern History Museum faces the modern history of Busan

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The Japanese occupation is the painful history of the Republic of Korea. Busan, which was a bridgehead for Japan’s invasion of the continent, still retains the traces of the suffering left by Japan. Busan Modern History Museum tells the tumultuous history of Busan, urging us not to forget the brutal experiences.

Gwangbok-ro Fashion Street—Busan’s largest shopping street

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Busan is full of many cultural streets with different themes. Gwangbok-ro Fashion Street in Jung-gu, Busan, is one of the famous tourist attractions in the city.

A special space where you become the protagonist, Busan Museum of Movies (feat. Trick Eye Museum Busan)

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“Spring” has arrived in the cinematic city of Busan. Busan Museum of Movies (BOM) is a cinematic experience hall where you can see, feel, and enjoy everything about movies. Each year, the Busan International Film Festival is held in Busan, a city perfect for filming great movies. Now, it offers a space that allows people to enjoy various experience-based contents related to filming.

A full list of scenic sunrise points in Busan

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Just before greeting the New Year, people first plan on a sunrise trip. Busan, surrounded by the South and East Seas and their different colors, offers diverse sunrise landscapes. The sun comes up every day in the same way, but it may look different depending on your viewing point. Let’s visit scenic sunrise points in Busan.

Drama The King: Eternal Monarch’s filming locations in Busan

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Did you know that Busan is home to the filming locations of the popular Korean drama The King: Eternal Monarch? The drama is about traveling through time between two parallel world to describe the intriguing love story between Emperor Lee Gon of the Kingdom of Korea and detective Jeong Tae-eul of the Republic of Korea, meet accidentally through the door of parallel worlds, and fall in love over time. Now, let’s find out five of the drama’s filming locations in Busan.

Yeongdodaegyo Bridge, a space of promises and tears

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While moments spent at Yeongdo Bridge no longer remain, there are still people who tear up just by thinking about the old days. This space was where people separated from their families during the war swore to survive and meet at Yeongdo Bridge. Written as Yeongdodaegyo Bridge and read as Yeongdo Bridge.

Meet the Amnam Park at the edge of southern part of Amnam Peninsula

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The southern sea is showing through a pine forest. The sun shining on it. Boats are floating on the sparkling waves. It presents tourists with a relaxing moment for their hearts. This place is Amnam Park, located at the edge of the southern part of the Amnam Peninsula.

Gukje Market bustling with energy

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There is an expression in Busan that says, “It’s like a Dottaegi Market,” which means “a loud and bustling atmosphere,” Dottaegi, the old name of Gukje Market, is crowded and full of energy, items, and people.

Korea National Maritime Museum, the Flower of Maritime Culture

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Busan equals ocean, and ocean equals Busan. But how much do we actually know about the oceans of Korea? The Korea National Maritime Museum, where stories of all oceans around the world begin, connects the past, present, and future of the ocean.

Busan yacht tour, offering an exciting experience in your life

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The sea of Busan has endless charms! There are numerous ways to enjoy the sea of Busan as well as its diverse beaches. Busan, the birthplace of Korea’s marine sports, has a large-scale yacht berthage and holds an international yacht race. You may have thought that yachting isn’t for you. However, yachting has become a unique, public experience activity in Busan, which provides a variety of yacht tour programs.

UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea, the land remembered by people all around the world

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Flowers are offered to this place in June, the Memorial Month. The floral tribute is intended to remember the fallen soldiers and war veterans during the Korean War and express a desire for a peaceful world without war.

In Search for the Best Views on Busan’s Bridges

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At first, there were points, which then people connected two lonely dots with a bridge. These dots became a line, thus creating a new road. Once the distance between the two points was connected, the people of the two points were finally able to meet anytime and bridge their longing for each other. Busan’s bridges are the children of love and longing for the lonely and the missed. Perhaps, that’s why the gigantic structures of steel and concrete seem to beat with the warmth of the heart. When the night falls, such warmth turns into brilliant colors that create dazzling sceneries of dancing light. We set out in search of the bridges that make Busan what it is.

A tour of lighthouses and reliable guards in Busan

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A lighthouse acts as a signal light for inbound and outbound ships to ensure their safe sailing. Recently, because of its distinctive exterior, it has become not only a unique spot but also a must-visit place for tourists. In Busan, surrounded by the East and South Seas, why not begin a tour by searching unique lighthouses?

Busan Aquarium, where you can see, smell, hear, and feel the sea

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Haeundae Beach first comes to mind when people think about Busan. However, if you find the sun-drenched and hot white sand a bit burdensome, or if you prefer a cool breeze of an air-conditioner indoors,you can visit Busan Aquarium in Haeundae Beach, where you will surely enjoy your holiday. Sea Life Busan Aquarium introduces you to the incredible world of more than 10,000 marine creatures with over 250 species. It presents a spectacular sight consisting of 8 theme zones, an 80m long submarine tunnel, and 2 main aquariums.

Jungang Park and Democracy Park

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The Democracy Park and Jungang Park embodies the living spirit and philosophy of patriotic soldiers and democratic spirits. This is where the spirits of the great citizens of Busan who endlessly resisted to protect the country and defend democracy at the heart of confusion rest.

Bosu Book Street: Put a bookmark in your mind

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A way back in time Put a bookmark in your mind in the Bosu Book Street
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