Delicious Busan_Special Issue, Tteokbokki

A virtual culinary trip in Busan

Delicious Busan_Special Issue, Tteokbokki
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Last September, Visit Busan had a survey for the favorite foods of Busan’s local and international visitors, and discovered pork and rice soup, wheat noodles, and nakgopsae (stir-fried octopus, beef small intestines and shrimp) as a result. Although it did not make it into the rankings, tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) also had a strong following as befitting its status as Korean soul food. What would a trip in Korea be without tteokbokki, after all? So, this time, we’re presenting you with a tteokbokki tour in Busan, where you’ll get to know more about the best of Busan styles in tteokbokki.
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Hot, Refreshing, and Savory

This tteokbokki is notable for not using water in cooking. All the moisture comes from the mountain of thinly sliced radish added into the dish, giving its soup a characteristically refreshing palate. Among the numerous favorites in Bupyeong Kkangtong Market, this tteokbokki stands out as one of the most recognizable. If you need a break from the red rice cakes and radish, you should try the fishcake skewers right next to the tteokbokki. I dare you to name a more iconic duo than tteokbokki and a warm bowl of fishcakes. There’s no need for words right now. It’s time to dig in! Chewy and spicy rice cakes, thinly sliced radish, and warm fishcake soup—that’s the recipe for happiness.

48, Bupyeong 1-gil, Jung-gu, Busan
Weekdays 08:00–20:00

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A Combination of Thick Rice Cakes and Deep-Fried Squid

This tteokbokki stays true to the classics of sweet-and-spicy, red chili paste-based sauce. One needs a pair of scissors to slice off the thick rice cakes, which are then dipped into the sauce. Plump rice cakes meet the red chili paste-based sauce and combine into a lustrous and rich red. Don’t forget to dip the rice cakes generously into the sauce after each mouthful. Ah, so that’s why so many people talk about refills. The other draw of this place is the plump and long deep-fried squid, which are likewise cut into pieces to complete the signature set of this place.

#101, Jungwon Centum View, 70, Namcheonbada-ro 10beon-gil, Suyeong-gu, Busan
Wednesday–Monday 11:30–21:00 Closed on Tuesdays

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Made with Taste and Tradition on Tabletop

This tabletop tteokbokki has 30 years of history. It is something of a local legend for the people of Yeongdo, who grew up with the lovely combination of rice cakes, fishcakes, ramyeon noodles, chewy noodles, and boiled eggs in a large pot. Once the soup starts to boil, the room fills with a spicy scent of the sauce. One can’t help but take a spoonful of the sauce. “Aw... Come on...” No amount of stirring will get it to cook faster, but once the soup is finally reduced by more than half, take the noodles and fishcakes in first, and then move onto the rice cakes as the sauce becomes thicker!

267, Kkumnamu-gil, Yeongdo-gu, Busan
Monday–Saturday 11:00-19:30 closed on Sundays

Busan’s sweet, spicy, and chewy tteokbokki is a surefire recipe to enrich your travel in Busan!

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