Hello Busan, Hello Car Camping

Introduction to Busan’s Untact Travel Destinations in Busan

Hello Busan, Hello Car Camping
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Are you looking for a safe travel destination where you can have fun while practicing social distancing during the time of COVID-19? How about visit a campground in Busan to create precious memories? We are here to introduce campsites that will heal you with nature in the city!
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Gudeok Campground

If you want to camping in the forest, try Gudeok Campground. This round campground inside a dense forest is divided into six locations, each with a wooden deck. Towering trees fill the sky, making you feel as you are camping in the deep forest. When you face the sunlight that shines through the rustling leaves, you will definitely appreciate the beauty of the peaceful days you are bound to enjoy.
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Because the campground is located on the mountain, the surrounding remains quiet as the clean and refreshing air breezes through. Situated in the middle of a dense forest filled with various trees, this campground is a great place to learn about the ecosystem. Another advantage of the Gudeok Campground is the calm lake that you will encounter as you walk along the forest path. A beautiful trail is formed along the lake, allowing for a leisurely walk as you enjoy the beauty of nature. The stream flows along the forest path to add a fresh feeling, and insects sing under the moonlight at night.

Address: San 201, Seodaesin-dong 3-ga, Seo-gu, Busan
Tel. +82-51-246-4685
Operating Hours: 09:00–18:00 / Day of Camping 13:00 – Day of Checkout 11:00

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Daejeo Eco Park Campground

Daejeo Eco Park Campground is a large area located in the clean zone of Nakdonggang River, offers a lovely riverside landscape. Enjoy a time of healing as you feel the breeze that comes from the river. General camping and auto camping sections are organized on the sprawling green grass, and the place is equipped with restrooms, shower rooms, and a snack bar. The hanging camping gear is waiting to be transformed into powerful tools of healing.
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Daejeo Eco Park Campground’s area has many advantages. First, you can enjoy a large space for yourself because there is plenty of space separating the neighboring sites. You can also do your personal hobbies thanks to the multipurpose squares prepared in the area. Walk on the trail along the flowing river, and spend your time for meditating. Around sunset, the sky is tinted a gorgeous red at the beautiful Daejeo Eco Park Campground.

Address: 1-12, Daejeo 1(il)-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan
Tel. +82-51-941-0957 / +82-10-7669-1472
Operating Hours: Day of Camping 14:00 – Day of Checkout 12:00

Enjoy a safe camping and car camping trip by wearing a mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer!

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    Gudeok Campground: Exit 4 of Seodaesin Station on Busan Metro Line 1 → Transfer to Village Bus Seo-gu 1 → Get off at Gudeok Flower Village
    Daejeo Eco Park Campground: Exit 3 of Gangseo-gu Office Station on Busan Metro Line 3 → Transfer to Bus 125 at the Gangseo-gu Office Station Stop → Get off at Busan Hyewon School and walk for 8 min
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