A sunset tour

A sunset tour
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One of Busan’s greatest charms is the combination of the sea, mountains, and rivers. With its various natural environments, Busan offers diverse sunset landscapes depending on sunset points.
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Amisan Observatory

Let's climb up to Amisan Observatory, which provides a panoramic view of both the Nakdonggang Estuary and Dadaepo Beach. Dadaepo Beach is located at the last point where the 700 ri (about 275 km) long Nakdong River flows into the sea. Sands deposited by the river made a huge island, and the fertile land became a haven for migratory birds. Visiting Amisan Observatory at dusk, you can see the glow of the setting sun changing from pale golden color to dark red. The sky and the sea turn red, sharply in contrast with the silhouette of mountain ridges and sand islands. The phenomenal scenery of nature viewed from the observatory is out of reach, so it is fonder and more wistful. The magnificence and mystery of nature created by the boundary between the sun, the river, and the sand islands are compelling.
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Dadaepo Beach

Dadaepo Beach, glowing golden when painted by sunsets, is always crowded with people who want to celebrate the moment. The biggest charm of the sunset at Dadaepo Beach is the spectacular unobstructed view unfolding above. It just merges into the silhouette of the mountain ridges in the distance, the boundary between the sky and the sea, and the red sun hanging over it. The trail that runs across the vast reed forest at one edge of the beach is where you can enjoy and be one with the sunset-drenched reed beds. In addition, the sunset-drenched reeds swaying in the wind make the scenery more spectacular
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Huinnyeoul Culture Village

Huinnyeoul Culture Village may look like a rustic and plain village, but it also has its own charm. You can appreciate the warm sunset anywhere in any of the alleys facing the sea. Located on the cliff, it is well known as one of the few places where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the setting sun without obstacles. When the sun, passing through Namhangdaegyo Bridge, turns the sky red over the ridge, even electric wire and wall-mounted clotheslines become beautiful objects. Although the glow of the setting sun reflected in the calm coastal waters of Yeongdo dazzles you, you wouldn’t want to miss any moment. This is because the sunset of Huinnyeoul Culture Village creates a landscape that you’d want to hold in your heart for a long time, rather than through a lens.
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Eulsukdo Island

The sunset of the Nakdonggang River is also a must-see. Eulsukdo Island, located downstream from the Nakdonggang River, features a calm and peaceful sunset. In winter, migratory birds in the Nakdonggang River and Eulsukdo Island add to the wonderful sunset. The reed beds and silver grass communities in the wetlands blend in with the migratory birds, all of which are drenched in the golden glow of the setting sun. Another fantastic scene is the glowing sunset slowly disappearing behind migratory birds leisurely swimming and diving into the river. What place in the world would be as peaceful as the sunset of Eulsukdo Island? Standing against the setting sun on Eulsukdo Island, you become part of nature.

Recommended Tour

Amisan Observatory: Where the river meets the ocean
1Amisan Observatory: Where the river meets the ocean
The Nakdonggang River cuts through the Yeongnam region. The sandy area right before the river meets with the South Sea, forming a vast delta triangle of rich soil. Downstream the Nakdonggang River is home to numerous migratory birds enjoying rich food and clear water. Visit the Amisan Observatory to view a fantastic landscape where the river meets the ocean.

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Beautiful everywhere, Dadaepo Beach
2Beautiful everywhere, Dadaepo Beach
Dadaepo Beach, where Nakdonggang River and the South Sea meet, allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature with Busan’s sunrise, sunset, and sandy beach.

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Huinnyeoul Culture Village at the end of the steep cliff
3Huinnyeoul Culture Village at the end of the steep cliff
Above the steep wall of the Jeoryeong Coastal Trail is a unique view of the village, where you can see small houses clustered along the narrow alley formed by the coast at the end of the cliff. This is where the sorrowful lives of refugees began and where the current cultural village community of Huinnyeoul Culture Village has been established.

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Eulsukdo Island, a beautiful cultural feast with migratory birds
4Eulsukdo Island, a beautiful cultural feast with migratory birds
It is a place where the main stem of the Nakdonggang River and the seawater of the South Sea intersects with each other, an ecological repository of rich soil and freshwater fish and shells, and a large-size winter home to migratory birds looking for enough food. Let’s visit Eulsukdo Island, one of Busan’s most beautiful islands.

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